This provocative documentary follows one father’s search for answers to the question “What are we feeding our families?” and examines the risks of consuming genetically modified foods, or GMOs. A growing number but still relatively few people are aware of the pervasive and increasing presence of GMOs in our food supply and how hard it is to know whether what you are eating is a GMO or not, due to no labeling requirements. I liked the fact that Jeremy Seifert included his wife and children in his journey to learn about GMOs. Even shopping at Whole Foods is no guarantee of avoiding them. Two things stood out for me. Number One was I liked his coverage of heirloom seed banks, one in the US and the other in Norway, that seek to preserve old-time seeds for future generations. Second was the fact that all the GMO seed companies refused to be interviewed. He made it into Monsanto HQ and was evicted. Obviously, there is an Iron Curtain of secrecy around these companies, who tout their products as being so great, but are scared to death of being interviewed on camera and scared to death of labeling requirements. A recent poll showed about 93% of Americans support GMO labeling requirements. This documentary raised a lot of questions in my mind about the chemical industries’ control of agricultural production. Yes, we are able to produce more food, because our seeds are being treated to be resistant to very strong chemicals that kill weeds and pests. But the chemicals themselves have a long term effect on our environment and our ecosystem. Already, our bee populations and our bird populations have been affected by our not thinking through the whole picture in our use of chemicals. GMOs have been around for several decades, and they are questioned all over the world — except in the US and Canada. The US is more into profit and doesn’t care if people will get sick from eating foods treated with pesticides. Spray some pesticide to an apple — would you take a bite? Of course not. GMO’s are poisonous, and that is a fact. And we are stupid to allow them into our food chain, and to allow a single company (Monsanto) the ability to control us and what we eat. But we so, and so what does that say about us, and our government, for allowing it to happen. The bottom line, if you do not eat ORGANIC, you are taking the long term quality of your life and placing it at risk. If you are feeding yourself and making bad choices, then they are your choices, but you are slowly destroying yourself–there is nothing good that comes from eating GMO–nothing. If you are a parent, this is critical. The pervasiveness of GMOs may make you long for days when organic food was considered regular and not an expensive treat, but like so many other things in our society, unless you’re willing to pay more for food, really what can you do? Start your own garden, petition the government (which is owned by big business and lobbyists), or grin and swallow? Organic food is expensive but our family decided to try the local organic food delivery service to see how that works out. I’d like to think I eat healthy, but who the hell knows anymore. This is an informative documentary about all the things we should know about GMOs, and the news is not good. Watch it and be informed. Definitely recommended. Kudos to a young director. We need to get control of our food supply back from big Pharma and big Agra!  There are far better documentaries out there on this subject, such as THE FUTURE OF FOOD, THE CORPORATION, FED UP and KING CORN. We like these documentaries critical of Big Food (Food Inc. was very influential on us and King Corn was solid). Documentary 2013 NR 90 minutes.


The Future of Food

Food Matters

Food Beware

The World According to Monsanto


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