Generation RX

Generation RX is an unflinching examination of the unsettling trend in the American medical establishment toward prescribing powerful psychiatric drugs for children more often — and at a younger age — than ever before. Families devastated by the consequences of over-medication share their stories. Doctors, ethicists and other medical professionals weigh in on whether pharmaceutical companies put profits before patients. Every parent faced with the prospect of altering the neurochemistry of their child’s brain, just because they are acting as children have for countless centuries, should be obliged to watch this. Prepare yourself to be frightened, angry and, perhaps depressed. In the USA there are hundreds of thousands of patients, both children and adults, on the medications this film condemns. There have been instances, illustrated here, in which users took their own lives in despair. These are stories which must be told so that the citizenry can be made fully aware of the greed, fraud, and corruption that pervades the pharmaceutical industry and the government institutions that ensure their astronomical profits instead of protecting the public. Footage of the medical experts and bureaucrats who were responsible for promoting the pediatric use of antidepressants and anti-psychotics is entirely unflattering. The documentary features commentary from doctors who have been exposed by colleagues in the medical field to be propagating pseudo-science. Although this film is engineered to appeal to the emotions – the opening philosophic dialogue is accompanied by images of the Columbine High School massacre – it does not lack for documentary evidence to make the case against pharmaceutical therapy for vaguely described psychiatric abnormalities. Those facts are rather damning. ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is looked at — along with the history of Minimal Brain Dysfunction in the 1970s, which led to the release and commercialization of Ritalin. Now the US consumes five times the Ritalin as the rest of the world combined. Teachers who are not qualified to make medical diagnosis are reporting “attention deficit” for possible medication of students to try to control behavior problems in their classrooms. Medication is used as chemical babysitting. On the TV drug commercials the side effects are stated something like this: ‘Please report to your doctor sudden thoughts of suicide, nightmares, if your depression gets worse after taking the drug.’ Isn’t that what the medicine is supposed to cure? This film reports that eight of the thirteen most recent school shootings were comprised of students who had significant levels of psychoactive drugs in their blood at the times of these events. This film also shines a light on the conflict of interest surrounding the interface of the FDA, DSM, and the US pharma-industrial complex. The blurring of the lines between regulatory agencies and Big Pharma does raise legitimate issues of concern. Yes, the pharmaceutical industry is corrupt and many medications are over-prescribed. Does Big Pharma engage in unethical practices? Absolutely! Eye-opening look at what is happening to our children! So glad that someone is looking into this subject…maybe we should start questioning medication that’s so flawed. The basic premise of this documentary is to not feed pills to our kids for every little thing. A New York Times article reports that high school kids are taking Adderall so they can do well on the SATs. This is outrageous. I know many people taking drugs for depression, anxiety, etc. And guess what? I don’t ever see an improvement. I still see depression and anxiety with the result of “Oh I have to go and up my dose.” So really, what is the point of taking these drugs? I do believe this is a scam for the drug companies and doctors to make money. Really, isn’t it just all common sense. Drugging a kid, altering the brain chemistry! Really…is that OK? The quick-fix instant-gratification society is killing us people. Physically, mentally, and financially. At least this documentary provides a pile of information to research on your own. Fifteen years ago a teacher recommended that I take my son to get checked out, and in turn sure enough it was suggested my son go on Ritalin. I literally laughed in the Doctor’s face. No thanks….I only needed good old fashion common sense to tell me no. Yeah, my son outgrew the so-called bad behavior — which consisted of him running in the halls at school. Pickle my kids brain for that…I don’t think so. This documentary is truly an eye-opener, and has proven everything I had suspected. When children are seen by the medical society as an ‘untapped resource’ (much like the logging company look at old forests) and nothing is done to protect the children… we have a problem. I got the impression that the creator of this documentary is just as upset about the vast medicating of young children as I am. We just have to keep in mind that it is to Big Pharma’s benefit (not necessarily ours) that we all should be taking as many pills as possible so they can make lots of money. This proves how much corruption is out there, and how our children’s health risks are put aside just to make a profit! How many children need to die until we put a stop to this? Great eye opener! Worth watching. A must-watch for anyone who has children… or has grown up in the RX to Fix age. Every parent needs to watch this! This is a must-see documentary. Other documentaries you may find interesting if you like this would be A&Es; Generation RX: Reading, Writing, and Ritalin and the PBS Frontline documentary The Medicated Child, which came out the same year as this one, but it barely touches the surface compared to this film. I also recommend visiting the website Quack Watch. Documentary 2008 NR 81 minutes.


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