Review of Gasland is followed by a Review of Gasland Part 2 follow-up film

In GasLand, Oscar-nominated documentary director Josh Fox journeys across America to examine the negative effects of a new type of natural-gas drilling called Fracking across large portions of the USA, from poisoned water sources to kitchen tap water that bursts into flames – along with unhealthy animals and people — exposing an industry’s threats to human and environmental health, and confronting the corruption head-on.  This is happening now, and is poisoning one of the most important resources we have – drinking water.  It documents both sides of the ‘Fracking’ issue and makes clear the threat to our environment from such untested and poorly analyzed processes. It also brings up an important question that everyone should be asking about Fracking — ‘Why does this process need to be exempt from the Clean Water and Air Acts?’ If it is perfectly safe and doesn’t contaminate water and air, then it wouldn’t be exempt and wouldn’t need to be.  I live in Fort Worth (born & raised) and have seen the changes since the Fracking started. Everything in this documentary is true! The air reeks of unnatural odors, and you can see the pollution in the air. The drilling stations and wells are an eyesore. I don’t need an investigator to report something I see every day with my own eyes.  Trucks day in & day out — there goes that name again — Halliburton! They are the biggest greed-mongers when it comes to gas & oil. Yes, it creates jobs, Ft. Worth being one of the fastest-growing cities, but at what cost?  This is an issue that most people can and should be involved in. It doesn’t just impact people whose land that wells are drilled on, but all people who cherish the land and rely on the water to use. It is especially true in the western US, where water supplies have more demand upon them each year. Thousands of internal documents obtained by The New York Times from the Environmental Protection Agency, state regulators and drillers show that the dangers to the environment and health are greater than previously understood. The documents reveal that the wastewater from Fracking, which is sometimes hauled to sewage plants not designed to treat it and then discharged into rivers that supply drinking water, contains radioactivity at levels higher than previously known, and far higher than the level that federal regulators say is safe for these treatment plants to handle. (Google:  I cannot believe humans are so morally corrupt as to allow this to happen, but this is the only explanation as it’s obvious from this film that it’s not simple ignorance or a lack of facts. These companies’ leaders should be imprisoned, and its workers should be made to see what their work is doing to our irreplaceable planet. This movie highlights the lack of regulation of Fracking wells that are located in residential areas and the disregard of the residents that live there. The gas companies need to be clear about the dangers associated with this process to well water. This is where it gets into the fine print of their “drilling rights” contract, which most people can’t understand anyway. Then it goes to who has the most funds to fight it out in court. This doc is about being beware of “easy money.” You may be in for more than you bargained for. I as a land owner in Pennsylvania have been approached by people seeking gas lease rights for Fracking. After seeing the impact this has had on so many people, I am glad I told them to take a hike. I am sure my neighbors are glad as well. GasLand is eye-opening and terrifying. I admire anyone that is willing to go up against Goliath. I recommend this film to anyone who has yet to learn the full extent of Fracking gas drilling’s pernicious effects on our land and our own health. This is a must see. Everyone needs to see what is being done to our home — our land, our country is being poisoned.  Watch it, make your friends watch it, make your family watch it. Tell everyone you know to watch it. This is a “must-see” movie for all citizens.  A counter movie titled Truthland was funded by the Fracking petroleum industry to try to debunk GasLand. Everything about Truthland reeks of pre-scripted ‘interviews’ — poorly acted and unwatchable industry propaganda. It’s absolutely laughable.  We need more people that are passionate about making films to present the major problems of our country.  Documentary 2010 NR 107 minutes.

Gasland Part 2

Gasland Part 2 is a follow-up documentary expanding on the Oscar-nominated film about Fracking by director Josh Fox. His new film explores long-term consequences of the controversial oil-extracting method, including earthquakes and poisoned water. While there is some great information in this sequel, the original Part 1 takes the form of an eye-opening journey of discovery about Fracking across the USA, and that as a film is simply better as a story. But this second documentary, Gasland Part 2, has a more sledgehammer impact than the earlier Gasland Part 1, and it is even scarier than Part 1, mainly because it probes the extensive political corruption that has allowed the oil and gas interests to bend Congress and local governments to their will. Energy companies have enormous monetary influence on Federal, State, and Local Governments — I would like to use the word “corruption”, but you can reach your own conclusions after you see the documentary. In addition, they have hired PR firms that specialize in confusing the uninformed public by creating controversy and disinformation, and also use lawyers to silence individuals, and generally have fought every hint that there may be any problems with Fracking. Their priority is to make money, so they do not have the best interest of everyone in the country in mind. Natural Gas from Fracking will give the industry another hundred years of fossil fuels. During the early years of Fracking Natural Gas will be cheap enough to allow us to switch from oil, but much of this new natural gas will be shipped abroad where due to scarcity of fuel it is selling for much higher prices than in the USA — which will eventually cause the price to rise in this country too. So Fracking may appear on the surface to be about energy independence for the USA and continued prosperity. But ultimately it’s all about profits for the industry that will turn the USA with its vast areas fuel shale into a new Saudi Arabia of exports from Fracking. As for Global warming, Fracking is the worst of all the emitters of greenhouse gasses because it releases them directly into the air from millions of wells. So 100 years of Fracking will result in 100 years of increasing global warming. Though it might be in US strategic interests to develop the Natural Gas industry by Fracking, what of the local towns and people affected, the aquifers polluted? The citizens are being lied to and intimidated. The human interest side of things in this film is provocative. Seeing families with chronic nosebleeds and neurological impairment getting ready to move because their well water has been poisoned is wrenching. So much more study needs to be done on health effects of Fracking! Many regular people around the country have been terribly impacted after Fracking moved into their area. Heartbreaking for the victims, who have no power to stop this destruction of their lives. Merely give them enough money to hush them, and then move on to waste another town or county. What’s more, many sites are owned by subsidiary corporations, which can be dissolved easily, and dissolved corporations and subsidiaries rarely provide any compensation. The government corruption is mind boggling. Is everyone in government bought and sold? I think so. Whatever happened to the Environmental Movement in America, not to mention honesty and compassion? But it is up to the public to pressure the politicians and businesses to make changes. Unfortunately, the ones who are profiting from this mess are the only ones who CAN make any political changes. Why would you change any law that you are personally benefiting from? One group leading the fight against the greedy energy companies is Food & Water Watch, which I support. Study the maps to know where you are in relation to Natural Gas deposits and Fracking. When you travel, don’t stop to stay in Gaslands — the water and air are not guaranteed there. What will happen with affected housing, as more and more people are forced to abandon their homes and move away from the Gaslands? If the Fracking boom continues domestically and abroad, we are consigning future generations to irredeemably poisoned aquifers and other environmental ills of which we are not even fully cognizant. The vast areas of the USA covering fuel shale will be changed by millions of wells for Fracking into a new type of uninhabitable industrial wasteland desert. Yet another grim chapter in the ongoing human assault on the biosphere. Excellent film, although long at 2 hours. I feel that the information presented in this film is important to see. A don’t-miss documentary, this Part 2, as well as Gasland Part I. Everyone should see both. Documentary 2013 NR 120 minutes.


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