Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives focuses on research by two food scientists revealing that despite broad advances in medical technology, the popularity of animal-based and modern processed foods have led to epidemic rates of obesity, diabetes and other diseases. This is quite possibly the most important documentary you will ever see. Well written and well documented, the evidence is absolutely convincing. Seeing this film could save your life. It uses scientific evidence to explain how many diseases, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes, are caused by meat, dairy products and processed foods, and how switching to a plant based diet can reverse these diseases. Folks Over Knives is a thought-provoking documentary that will leave you pondering how conditioned we are by the bigPharma, bigAgra, bigMeat, and bigDairy industries.  This is a film that everyone should watch to educate themselves on what we’re all putting into our bodies. You cannot control too many things in life, but you can control what you put into your mouth!  Highly recommend it.  Whole-food, plant-based. Give up dairy, animal protein and processed foods. I agree that eating processed foods is bad for you — anytime you can avoid it you should do so. Otherwise my suggestion to most people would be to avoid sugar as much as possible.  American’s now eat less fat and more sugar than before. We still fear fat when it is sugar that is killing us. (When I say sugar I mean simple carbohydrates, refined grains, manipulated fructose, etc).  The information provided in this documentary can be life saving and definitely life enhancing. The solution remains simple: a whole food, plant-based diet could reverse (if not cure!) diseases plaguing the human race.  All you need to do is stop eating junk and eat organic.  This is a well-made movie showing people changing their diet and getting off meds and becoming healthier. I enjoyed the explanation these doctors gave on many things. The doctors seem sincere and there is convincing evidence for their claims. I appreciate it when people with an agenda have science to back it up, and it sounds like the researchers here have that in spades.  I will be drastically cutting my intake of animal protein and eliminating dairy. It just makes good sense.  This documentary shares several stories that are almost jaw-dropping amazing. Men and women who stop disease, reverse horrible lab work results and add life to their lives by simply giving up animal products.  I completely agree that whole foods are the key to good health.  There are many of us who encourage plant focused diets and who believe in whole foods, real food, slow food and shun the Fiber One bar based dietetics that is practiced on the other side of the spectrum.  This documentary changed my life! I have overcome many health problems after watching this movie and adopting a whole foods plant-based diet.  I myself see the difference and live a much better life by doing so, and do not miss highly addictive dairy, animal protein and processed foods – which use to rule my life and made me sick (both emotionally and physically) and ugly (obese).  My husband and I saw this thinking – ‘we already eat well and don’t think it will be speaking to us, but it looks interesting…’ After it finished we looked at one another with open mouths and said, ‘Wow!  We need to seriously think about this.’ Two days later we agreed to switch to a plant-based, whole foods diet with virtually no oil for three months – to see if we could do it and if that’s what we felt we wanted to do. It’s now three months and we will never go back and feel lucky to have come across this film and knowledge. Lots to think about. This is probably the most important documentary I’ve ever seen. Highly recommend it. Everyone should watch this film.  However, if you do think of trying this switch I’d recommend buying at least the book by the heart surgeon in the film who really informs you how to do it well – making sure you get the nutrients you need while enjoying good food (lots of good recipes). The book is called Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease.  I also suggest the documentary Hungry for Change. There needs to be more movies about this to help the public change their eating habits.  Documentary 2011 PG 96 minutes.



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