Forget Shorter Showers, review

Based on an essay by anarchist Derrick Jensen, Forget Shorter Showers is a documentary that challenges neoliberal dogma, making each person responsible for reversing the ongoing environmental destruction due to the industrial capitalism. Consumers participating in the campaign are told to fly and use cars less, change their light bulbs, and take shorter showers. They are the victims of systemic misdirection by a pernicious PR industry. The campaign comes out that we can save the planet through market-based solutions like shopping.

Forget Shorter Showers is a 11-minute green film that urges people to think of changing their personal lifestyle and personal consumptive habits, including taking shorter showers, living simply without having children, being involved in organized resistance movements with the aim of challenging the industrialized system. It provides convincing evidence that only in the US, if each individual made slow lifestyle changes, it would reduce carbon emissions by 22%. The film suggest people taking part in activities such as boycotting, running for office, and protesting in order to disrupt the industrialized economy.

However, there is a few criticism of Forget Shorter Showers, such as the opinion convince that it separates direct action from collective action. However, these are not mutually exclusive. That the mainstream view assigns all blame to individuals should be dismissed but we can’t dismiss that consumers’ demands help to fuel our economies is a basic rule of economics. Each person’s individual needs, wants, desires, and lifestyle choices help to develop the growth economy. The film also face up with another criticism that it fails to recognize that the industrialized economy is just made up of collective groups of flawed humans operating in flawed systems created by flawed humans. To remedy this, it requires a human evolution, which can only start with the individual.

Anyway, to conlude, Forget Shorter Showers helps people to realize that personal change is not social change, so we must and need to do more than just take shorter showers.

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