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Foreign Films are easier if you know some foreign languages—and you do!


Easiest Foreign Languages have many words similar to your native language.

For English-speakers, ten foreign languages are easiest because each one has thousands of words similar to English.

Five of the easiest languages to learn for English-speakers are Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Romanian – all Romance languages [from Roman Latin].

Also easiest for English-speakers are German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish — five in the Germanic Language family with English.

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In each language, the parts similar to English can be called Easiest Spanish, Easiest French, Easiest Italian, Easiest German, etc. These are the words of each language that are similar to English.

So each Easiest Language has thousands of words similar to English.

Discover how much you know about Easiest Languages just because you know English. You will recognize more foreign words than you realize.

Many foreign words are spelled exactly like English. Even more foreign words are spelled slightly different than English, but look related.

Find out all the ways Easiest Languages are similar to English, before starting to struggle with the differences.

It makes sense to begin by putting some of the already-learned skills of your first language English to good use in helping you learn a second language.

Since so many foreign words resemble English, it makes sense to take advantage of your experience with those look-alike words. You have spent years or your entire lifetime with these English words that resemble foreign words. You know how to pronounce them, what they mean, how to use them in conversation, all without thinking about them consciously. Think a thought and these words spring to mind. So will their foreign relatives, perhaps just a little more slowly.

A thousand foreign words similar to English are easier to remember than ten foreign words unrelated to English.

If you’ve traveled to countries with difficult languages, like Japan or China, you know how hard it is as an English speaker to learn and remember even a few of those foreign words in difficult languages unrelated to English.

These ten languages related to English are not the only Easiest Foreign Languages. For Spanish speakers, their Easiest Foreign Languages are Italian, Portuguese, French, Romanian, and English. And other Easiest Foreign Languages are available in other families of languages that share many of the same words.

Because Easiest Languages have thousands of words similar to English, this is The Easiest Way to Begin Learning Foreign Languages.

This will make watching foreign films easier and more enjoyable.


When you watch foreign movies as an adult, you will be able to enjoy them more with the help of Easiest Languages as follows:


Select a film in one of the 10 Easiest Foreign Languages that are easiest because each one has thousands of words similar to English.

Some of the easiest languages for English-speakers are the Romance languages of French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese — so select foreign movies in those languages. There are especially many French films and many Italian films to choose from, and also quite a few Spanish films.

Also easiest for English-speakers are foreign movies in German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish.


Because English and Easiest Foreign Languages share many words that look alike in print, reading the subtitles will be easiest.

So turn on the subtitles. Some foreign movies offer subtitles in several different languages, so pick whichever you want. If the dialog is in a different language, just turn off the sound.

Reading the subtitles will be easiest if you simply look for all the words similar to English  — and totally skip all the foreign words that do not look similar to English. You will be surprised at how many words similar to English that will be in the subtitles.

Short subtitles are easier and less distracting than trying to wade through long subtitles looking for words like English.

Or you can even turn down the sound to better concentrate on the subtitles — and not be distracted by the sounds of the foreign words, which are more difficult to understand and recognize as related to English.

If you keep reading the many words similar to English in the subtitles of movie after movie, eventually you will begin to understand some of the foreign words that do not look similar to English.


Listening to understand spoken foreign languages is more difficult than reading and will develop much more slowly. The sounds of foreign languages differ greatly from English. And foreigners seem to speak so fast.

However, listening to the words of a foreign film is a good way to begin learning to understand what all those foreign sounds mean.

So you will be able to enjoy foreign movies more with the help of Easiest Languages — and you will begin to learn a foreign language at the same time.

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