Films on Sweatshops

Made in L.A.

Documentary 2007 NR. Far from the city’s glitz and glamour, a trio of Latina immigrants toils away in a Los Angeles sweatshop. This documentary follows the women’s three-year battle with their employer, fashion retailer Forever 21, for essential labor rights. Enduring 14-hour days and oppressive, dangerous conditions, the women never lose focus on the need to effect change. Award-winning filmmaker Almudena Carracedo directs.

Victims of Fashion

Documentary 5 min. The film, “Victims of Fashion” is about local sweatshops and the effects they have on the workers in our economy, exposing audiences that sweatshop use is not only a problem in developing countries, but within our borders as well, showing some in San Francisco.

Link to watch Victims of Fashion online free

Last Train Home

Documentary 2009 NR 90 minutes. Documentarian Lixin Fan follows a couple who, like 130 million other Chinese peasants, left their rural village for work in the city, leaving their children to be raised by grandparents, returning only once a year on an arduous 1,000-mile journey.

Nike Sweatshops
Behind the Swoosh

Documentary 20 min. This is the ultimate video for exploring the sweatshop issue. Using Nike as a case study, the film documents first hand the widespread and oppressive and exploitative labor practices in the developing world.

Link to watch Nike Sweatshops: Behind the Swoosh online free

Just Do It, Slaves!
Human trafficking in Nike’s sweatshop factory in Malaysia

Documentary 7 min. Award-winning TV reports on human trafficking of workers by Vietnam’s state-run recruitment agencies for Nike’s sweatshops in Malaysia. We, the Committee to Protect Vietnamese Workers, and the Textile Clothing Footwear Union of Australia, alerted and provided witnesses to the investigations.

Link to watch Just Do It, Slaves! online free

Nike Founder Confronted by Michael Moore

Documentary 1997 7 min. excerpt from The Big One, by Michael Moore. Nike Founder Phil Knight is confronted by Michael Moore about Nike shoes made in sweatshops in Indonesia. Michael Moore presents Phil Knight with a free airplane ticket to accompany Moore to Indonesia to visit the sweatshops, which Knight has never seen, but the offer is turned down. Moore then challenges Knight to manufacture shoes in depressed Flint Michigan, if Moore can beat him in a foot race. Wait… So Tiger Woods who wears Nike products and gets paid for it, $100,000 per what..? Month. And all Tiger has to do for Nike is wear their shoes and clothes! And these people do way more work! And they get paid $1.25 per day! Now well that’s f**king bull shit! What happened to human rights and fair trade? I hope “Mr. Nike” burns in hell! Another pig CEO who thinks that capitalistic slave labor raises countries out of poverty.

Link to watch Nike Founder Confronted online free

Is Walmart Good for America?

Documentary Frontline 2004 NR 60 minutes. This PBS series dares to pose a question: Is one of America’s biggest corporations actually ruining the economy? Marching across the nation, the big-box chain brings jobs and much-needed retail options to many towns. But, as a major purveyor of goods, the company’s also hacked away at manufacturing jobs stateside, since the bulk of its products are made in China. Here, “Frontline” examines two cities profoundly affected by the Walmart movement.

The Devil’s Miner

Documentary 2005 NR 1hr 22m. Filmmakers Kief Davidson and Richard Ladkani pan their cameras beneath the surface of Bolivia’s Cerro Rico silver mines, a place so dark, depressing and frightening that locals believe it’s the devil’s home. Chronicling the daily ordeal of 14-year-old breadwinner Basilio Vargas — who chews coca leaves on his way to work to numb his persistent, primordial terror — this somber documentary captures the hellish realities of fear.


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