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The Science of Sex Appeal

Documentary 2009 TV-PG 1hr 27m.  The seemingly elusive qualities of sex appeal are examined in exhaustive detail through the lens of science in this probing documentary, which documents the evolution and function of every component of human attraction. In this study of the real science behind “chemistry,” you’ll learn how the subtlest sounds, sights and smells can affect sex appeal, and you’ll discover how genetic, hormonal and neurological factors create sparks between people.

Buying Sex

Documentary 2013 NR 1hr 15m. Buying Sex looks at the contentious debate over pending reforms to Canadian prostitution laws, and in the process asks us to rethink and review our attitudes toward the oldest profession.

Orgasm Inc.

Documentary 2009 NR 78 minutes.  With humor and a wealth of research, director Liz Canner’s provocative documentary examines how drug companies promote and profit from the myth of female sexual dysfunction as they compete to produce the first FDA-approved “cure” for this condition.

Let’s Talk About Sex

Documentary 2009 NR 1hr 2m. This earnest and engaging documentary about modern adolescent sex spotlights a host of alarming trends and truths: Thousands of U.S. teenagers contract a sexually transmitted disease every day, and approximately 2,400 young girls become pregnant. Looking for ways to confront these disturbing social realities, director James Houston visits the Netherlands, where alternative approaches are utilized to educate sexually active young people.

Endgame – AIDS in Black America!

Documentary Frontline 2012 NR. This groundbreaking film explores of one of the country’s most urgent health crises: the disproportionately high HIV infection rate among blacks. The film traces the history of the epidemic through the experiences of people who tell their stories.

The Age of AIDS

Documentary Frontline 2006. Twenty-five years after the first case of AIDS was diagnosed in America, “Frontline” probes the social, political, economic and scientific factors that led to the rise — and hindered the fall — of the pandemic. This exhaustive history of the disease, which had claimed some 30 million lives by the time this program first aired, includes interviews with key researchers, world leaders, activists and AIDS patients.

The Education of Shelby Knox

Documentary 2005 NR 1hr 16m. Small-town Texas teenager Shelby Knox becomes an advocate for sex education (and the local media’s so-called “Sex Ed Girl”) when she tries to improve the county’s sky-high teen pregnancy rate by challenging her high school’s policy of teaching abstinence. In this documentary from Marion Lipschutz and Rose Rosenblatt — which uses footage shot over a three-year period — the action unfolds almost effortlessly, revealing a stunning transformation.

The Lost Children of Rockdale County

Documentary Frontline 1999. Conyers, Georgia is a prosperous bedroom community just outside Atlanta. Frontline examines the link between an outbreak of syphilis among a group of its teenagers and the well-off community in which they live. The film reveals a parent’s worst nightmare–children as young as fourteen naming scores of sexual partners; others telling of binge drinking, drugs and sex parties. In a series of intertwining profiles, Frontline uncovers the roots of the Conyers syphilis epidemic and reveals the turbulent psychology of America’s suburban teenagers.

Making Babies

Documentary Frontline 1999. Frontline examines the revolution in reproduction and the entrepreneurial atmosphere that imbues the practice of infertility medicine today. On the cusp of a new millennium, we can now visit the Internet and shop for sperm and egg donors. Before long, cloning could do away with the need for sperm altogether. The film looks at how these new technologies hold great promise, but usher in pressing questions regarding the very meaning of family. The web site will offer readings and interviews with major thinkers on the moral, philosophical and societal issues surrounding the extraordinary advances in reproductive medicine; present explanations/diagrams of some of the newest medical breakthroughs; and offer a selection of the most noteworthy readings and resources on infertility.


The Whistleblower

Docudrama Thriller 2010 R 112 minutes. Sent to Bosnia to train cops in the aftermath of that country’s brutal civil war, American policewoman Kathryn Bolkovac (Rachel Weisz) uncovers evidence that U.N. peacekeepers are complicit in a flourishing sex-trafficking trade. But when she brings her allegations to light, she discovers that her foes are more powerful than the law. Based on a true story, this thriller from director Larysa Kondracki co-stars Monica Bellucci and David Strathairn.

Sex Slaves (2007)

Documentary MSNBC Undercover 2007 NR 4 episodes. Human rights advocates estimate that every year, nearly a million women worldwide are illegally bought and sold as sex slaves, many of whom end up in the United States. MSNBC goes inside the human trafficking and underground prostitution scene.

Sex Slaves (2006)

Documentary Frontline 2006. An estimated half-million women are trafficked annually for the purpose of sexual slavery. The women are kidnapped — or lured by traffickers who prey on their dreams of employment abroad — then they are “exported” to Europe, the Middle East, the United States, and elsewhere, where they are sold to pimps, drugged, terrorized, locked in brothels, and raped repeatedly. In Eastern Europe, since the fall of communism, sex trafficking has become the fastest growing form of organized crime, with Moldova and Ukraine widely seen as the centers of the global trade in women and girls. Frontline presents a unique hidden camera look at this world of sexual slavery, talking with traffickers and their victims, and exposing the government indifference that allows the abuses to continue virtually unchecked. Sex Slaves also follows the remarkable journey of one man determined to find his trafficked wife by posing as a trafficker himself to buy back her freedom.

Sex Slaves

Documentary Slavery: A 21st Century Evil Series Season 1 Episode 2: 24 min. There are an estimated 1.4 million sex slaves in the world today and international trafficking is on the rise.

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Trafficked: Slavery in America

Documentary 2011 TV-MA 44 minutes. Go behind the scenes with investigators as they examine the horror of human trafficking. A camera crew goes inside massage parlors and other shops where vulnerable immigrant women are being forced into prostitution.


Docudrama 2007 R 120 minutes. Based on a New York Times Magazine story, this crime drama starring Kevin Kline delves into a sordid world of international sex trafficking that leads from Mexico City to a New Jersey stash house. In a bid to save kidnapped 13-year-old Adriana (Paulina Gaitan) before she’s sold into sexual slavery, her desperate brother (Cesar Ramos) teams with a Texas cop (Kline). Can they find her before she vanishes into a hellish underworld?

Moldova: The Price of Sex
Women Caught in the Sex Trade

Documentary Frontline / World 2007. “Flash Point” is a series of online slideshows that present the work of up-and-coming as well as established photojournalists. In the series debut, “The Price of Sex,” documentary photographer Mimi Chakarova looks into the lives of young East European women trafficked into the sex trade.

Lilya 4-Ever

Drama 2003 R 109 minutes. In director Lukas Moodysson’s gut-wrenching drama, Oksana Akinshina stars as the 16-year-old title character who’s left to fend for herself in a blighted Estonian suburb when her mother (Lyubov Agapova) abandons her to move to America. Eager to escape her grim surroundings and seek a bright future, she falls victim to the promises of the charming Andrei (Pavel Ponomaryov), only to find a new life in Sweden worse than the one she left behind.


Bridal Slaves

Documentary from Slavery: A 21st Century Evil Series 24 min. In the midst of widespread poverty, fueled by economic inequality and rampant corruption, a new form of slavery – bridal slavery – has flourished in India. Women and young girls are sold for as little as $120 to men who often abuse them.

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Blind Mountain
(Mang Shan)

Drama 2007 NR 95 minutes. The promise of a good-paying job lures a young Chinese woman into a horrifying predicament in this drama. College student Bai Xuemei (Lu Huang) awakens in a remote village to find she’s been sold into a marriage that is slavery in disguise. Her resistance to the repulsive “husband” and his family only results in beatings and rape. With hope running out and allies few, Bai undertakes one final dramatic stand against her oppressors. See Full Review


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