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The Facebook Obsession

Documentary CNBC Originals 2011 TV-PG 43 minutes. Get the real story behind the rise of the largest social media site in the world, as told by the company’s founders, friends and foes. CNBC examines how this Internet phenomenon is affecting society in ways most people can hardly comprehend.

Terms And Conditions May Apply

Documentary 2013 NR 1hr 20m. Through interviews with technology thought leaders and futurists, this timely documentary examines the erosion of privacy in the digital age. It provides lots of information about what we give up when check that little AGREE button at the end of the Terms & Conditions of any service. I and millions of people have honestly never read any Terms & Conditions. Thing is, you can’t do much on the Net unless you hit the “Agree” button, and most webpages won’t let you on unless you agree and permit ‘cookies’. We get a lot of valuable free services from Google, Facebook etc., and in turn we unknowingly allow a lot of our personal data to be used for their purposes. In Europe customers can find out how much information a company has collected on them, and one Austrian found Facebook had 1200 pages of info on him, a pile of papers five inches high (and he only posted once a week).  See Full Review

Big Brother, Big Business

Documentary CNBC Originals 2006 TV-PG 89 minutes. Award-winning correspondent David Faber examines big business and rapid advance of technology that allows companies to monitor our every move and record our most private personal information.

You Are in the Computer

Documentary Frontline 1985. Investigates computerized information systems and the issues of privacy they raise. You go to rent an apartment and are turned down without any obvious reason. Then you find out your name is in a computer file of undesirable tenants and every other landlord in the city has access to the information.


Drama 1984 R 110 minutes. This movie adaptation of George Orwell’s eerie, dystopian tale — filmed during the year for which it’s named — follows the “reeducation” of two people who break the law in a totalitarian state by falling in love while Big Brother is watching.

Inside the Mind of Google

Documentary CNBC Originals 2009 TV-PG 43m. See how Google came to dominate the online search industry. Its strategies for growth and how it’s addressing the hot issue of online privacy. Get a rare look at the company that hundreds of millions of people touch every day.See Full Review

Rear Window (1954)

Drama 1954 PG 115 minutes. As his broken leg heals, wheelchair-bound L.B. Jefferies (James Stewart) becomes absorbed with the parade of life outside his window and soon fixates on a mysterious man whose behavior has Jefferies convinced a murder has taken place. Meanwhile, other windows reveal the daily lives of a dancer, a lonely woman, a composer, a dog and more. Grace Kelly, Thelma Ritter and Wendell Corey co-star in this Alfred Hitchcock-helmed classic.

Rear Window (1998)

Drama Remake 1998 PG 89 minutes. After a paralyzing accident, an architect (Christopher Reeve) is confined to a wheelchair and spends his spare time spying on his urban neighbors. But when he sees something that looks a lot like murder, he launches his own investigation with his colleague, Claudia (Daryl Hannah). Reeve nabbed a Screen Actors Guild award for Best Actor for his performance in this remake of the 1954 Hitchcock classic (which starred James Stewart and Grace Kelly).


Thriller 1993 UR 108 minutes. Sexy divorcée Carly (Sharon Stone) moves into a highly sought-after New York City apartment, but as she settles into her new digs, little does she know that an admirer is keeping an eye on her every move and intends to use her hidden desires against her. As Carly begins a steamy affair with her handsome neighbor, Zeke (William Baldwin), she learns that her unit’s previous occupant had been murdered in this erotic psychological thriller.

The Conversation

Thriller 1974 PG 1hr 53m. An audio surveillance expert faces a moral quandary when he suspects that a couple whose conversation he’s been hired to record will be murdered. Coppola uses the continuing themes of privacy and its invasion to create a psychological thriller.


1960 NR 108 minutes. When larcenous real estate clerk Marion Crane goes on the lam with a wad of cash and hopes of starting a new life, she ends up at the notorious Bates Motel, where twitchy manager Norman Bates cares for his housebound mother. The place seems quirky but fine until Marion decides to take a shower. Director Alfred Hitchcock’s Oscar-nominated shocker has been terrifying viewers for decades — and for good reason.


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