Films and saving the environment

Movies about environment problems are always meaningful. It helps us understand what it means to live on the earth and how the way contributes to protect our ecologically sustainable planet.

Practical meaning of film is waking up human’s thought and action about society problem. As we remind many times about environment problems, it is serious and directly affect to our life and our generation life

Topics about the environment has become more and more popular and hot trending because the human are aware of the role of environment in development. Nowadays climate change causes a lot of damages and loss for all countries in the world, both developed and developing country. Disaster is not excluded any nations. So saving the environment are responsible for cross-nations.

As consequences, social media including films, music or newspaper are taken opportunity to share knowledge about the environment.

Via content of films, it can supply people information to track the quality of the air and water around, tips to reduce recycles or benefits of growing more trees. Not like strict teaching, this meaning gives indirectly by conversation and thought of actors. It’s simple and persuadable.

On the other hand, technology has given us thought and action about the environment which is a shared resource. Films has become an important tool for us to access to influencing or disallowing environmental decisions. It also creates a general way to connect people and the local environment closer and closer.

We can check list of films about the environment protection which should be watched soonest such as: Chinatown (1974), Princess Mononoke (1997), Soylent Green (1973) or the latest Avatar (2009).


Besides benefits about entertainment, advice or teaching about any field, films brings emotion and awareness about the environment. Actually, it’s familiar to us daily. But by unintentional ways, we are distributing destroying our lives.

Having an advice for us that enjoy more films about the environment so that you can understand detail about problems and issues happening. It’s hot trend for the young who always care about the new generation.

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