Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead focuses on two men whose bodies have been trashed by steroids, obesity and illness. This entertainingly humorous documentary chronicles the rigorous healing path – based on a two-month diet of fruit and vegetable juice only — that both attempt in a bid to rescue their health. Watch as the fat miraculously melts off these two guys in a matter of months — one loses 200 pounds in 10 months! No additives, no chemicals, none of the bad crap that’s goes into a lot of the foods we buy at the grocery store, let alone fast foods. The best movie I’ve seen in a long while. Watched it two times in a row 🙂 I laughed out loud..I cried.. I cheered, in awe and totally inspired. I loved this movie! I admit it started off a bit slow because of the interviews with all the people across the country. However, when I started seeing the change in Joe on all levels, and then Phil comes into the picture and then his brother comes into the picture, well, it just doesn’t get any better than this. This film is about changing your life for the better. This film empowers and motivates you to live a healthier lifestyle. However, you must see your own doctor before you embark on such a radical diet change. Enjoy a good and inspirational film, but don’t make life altering decisions with real health risks based on one man’s documentary. So inspiring. Made me cry & cheer for these guys to take hold of their lives. I am inspired myself. In fact, I dug out my juicer & made some apple & Asian pear juice & drank it while I was watching the movie. Even though we juice from time to time, it made me want to do so much more. I’m on day 10 of an attempted month long juice fast. I’ve lost 28 lbs from juicing mainly green vegetables and a little fruit! Yes, 28 lbs! I will be incorporating juicing into my diet for as long as I live. I will be juicing at least once day and cutting back on meat consumption to two days a week, and I have a solid exercise plan. Documentary 2010 NR 97 minutes.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2

Documentary 2014 NR 1hr29m. With the help of experts, Joe Cross details the eating and lifestyle changes that can help others match his weight loss and health achievements. You definitely need to watch the first movie to get a good grounding of what this one is about. After that, this is an awesome next step on how to move beyond the juice-fast and into the lifestyle while dealing the with pitfalls that are bound to happen. The movie is highly entertaining and merely looks back at the what has happened in the lives of the people and communities Joe visited in the original movie. It takes an honest look at the successes and failures of those ordinary people and paints a very realistic picture of the struggle many people go through to get healthy. The advice is 100% true. A plant-based diet does truly revolutionary things for your health, weight, happiness, and overall well being. Love the message. Very well done!


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