Death by China

Death by China is a frank documentary that chronicles the growing power and global ambitions of China, and concludes that its strength threatens America’s own future. Starting with the agreement in 2001 which allowed China into the World Trade Organization, this movie recounts trends to the present. This is an excellent, frank look at China’s unethical business practices since joining the WTO. It makes some valid points about the negative effects that our trade agreements with China have had. Much of the film is about the manner in which multi-national corporations headquartered in the US exploited free trade agreements for their own short term interests, at the expense of the greater good for the US economy. The documentary makes it clear that the multinationals coupled with their successful lobbying groups have made it easier to move our manufacturing to China. “Corporations owe no allegiance to any government or country, only to profit.” That seems to sum it up nicely. The documentary lays the blame where it belongs on multinational corporations that have their interests misaligned with interests of the nation — greedy multinational corporations that could care less if America were to crumble like the Roman Empire. Most of the people interviewed were CEOs that try to justify why jobs are being sent to China in terms of the capitalist/corporate paradigm — CEO’s talking as if they have done nothing wrong. These talking heads are capitalist apologists, claiming to act in such ways for the sake of their shareholders. As long as the elites are rewarded for this behavior (i.e. with higher profit margins and bonuses etc.) they’ll keep it up. This is their mindset, and people need to see and understand that fact. Yet, our Government allows this to happen because the greedy companies are simply looking for cheaper labor. The culprits, rightfully pointed out, are the mega corporations and their political Democrat and Republican lackeys. It places blame on our backboneless politicians — a political system in the US that is manipulated by the money from these corporations, a corruptocracy. It’s the activities of the US political class (both parties) and US multinational corps that are most disturbing. A main point of the documentary is that policy makers in BOTH parties are beholden to big global corporations that are headquartered in the US, whose CEOs and CFOs are US citizens but who are interested in their shareholders, not their nation. If moving plants out of this country, relying on labor which is cheaper because of abuse of workers in China, and ignoring the environmental impacts of unregulated industries in China is expedient, then big business lobbies here will keep pressuring both parties to maintain the status quo. The responsibility of U.S. legislators to regulate has been essentially bought out by these corporations, the wholesale takeover of our legislative institutions by corporate interests. Cheap labor in China is a threat to US manufacturing, and it was the USA government who opened up his door to the Chinese. Shame on these corporations, but a bigger shame on the U.S. government. There is also an ethical question, do we want to support a government in China that manipulates currency, exploits the poor and children to make the cheap and sometimes sub-standard products it exports?  Everyone should know about the lack of regulation of manufacturing in China and how that affects basic rights. China’s human rights abuses are horrible, and the documentary does a decent job at pointing some of them out. I did not see it as “all anti-China propaganda”. Yes, it does highlight some Chinese trading practices, but it is what it is. It’s not China-bashing if it’s true! The Chinese Government has successfully used our own capitalist principals to kill the USA slowly by draining our wealth and our way of life. They take it to another level because they are ruthless and have absolute control over an almost infinite cheap labor force due to their huge population. The future prosperity of our nation is being eroded in a single generation. The overall feeling is that we, the American people, have had our finest hour and are now passing from the spotlight as the center of world commerce and influence — similar to the way Britain was once the largest manufacturer, only to be surpassed by America. This is a long overdue documentary on a very important topic that completely transcends partisan points of view. The arguments are valid and must be addressed, no matter how uncomfortable they may be. I have always been scared of the China trade imbalance, and have suspected that much of the U.S. unemployment is attributable to our trade relationship with China. But never to this degree. The film goes on to also place blame on the US citizenry for being so apathetic and ignorant of what is going on around us — the apathy of the US population as a whole to the outright castration of US production of anything other than hamburgers and reality TV stars. Blaming communist China for our own problems sounds convincing, if you don’t understand U.S. politics or don’t want to accept responsibility for your own actions. I’m not buying anything during this holiday season that’s “Made in China” and will determine how to protest, going forward, about this urgent issue. I will now vote with my money whenever possible. I will vote for “Made in America!” The message is clear, be a more informed consumer. Vote with your money. Spend a few more bucks and buy from that local small business. This documentary was helpful to give another point of view that I can use to form my own actions. This is an important subject. This documentary links all the pieces together very well — laws, regulations, incentives of all the players, economics — and weaves it into a complete picture of the US predicament. Its interviews are forceful, the facts are laid out very logically, the movie is easy to follow, informative, and never boring nor drags on. There are some good points made. There is plenty of empirically-grounded information here which should be taken seriously by policy makers and citizens in the US. This is very sobering. Sometimes a documentary slips though and speaks the truth, and this is one of them. This documentary is right on the money. A real eye opener. Insightful and enlightening. Very highly recommended. A must-see film. Every American citizen should watch this documentary. – democrat, republican, liberal, and conservative. Watch it, you won’t be disappointed. This movie should be required in every classroom. This should also be played on every major TV network throughout this country, because the people of America really do need to know the truth behind the relationship between America and Communist China. Documentary 2012 NR 1hr 19m.


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