Crude Impact

Crude Impact traces how the world has become dependent on fossil fuels — a resource that someday will be gone — and how little has been done to develop alternative energy sources. Oil may have fueled the development of the modern industrial society, but as this compelling documentary explains, it’s also triggered political conflict, greed, environmental devastation and an addiction to consumption. This video links the population boom due to human harnessing of fossil fuels, the over-consumption by the US and other western nations, the shifting trend of economic power and prosperity from the US to China, and the pillaging of many oil-rich nations. It ties together all of the factors affected by the world’s dependence on the extraction of fossil fuels; from economic to political to the health and well-being of everyone on this planet. Having been made in 2005, this is an interesting historical perspective in that most of the predictions made in the film have come true — world oil production peaked in 2008, the global financial system collapsed, military action to secure oil continues, and a permanent recession is only getting worse. We’re on our way to another super-spike that will make the $147/barrel oil of 2008 look cheap. As cheap oil become expensive society needs to be prepared for the consequences. Unlike other similar films, this one gores the holy ox of growth, which must end. It deals with the issue that we need to reduce, recycle, and eat locally and live sustainably, particularly in North America. Those who do not choose to voluntarily de-consume will have it forced upon them. Move closer to your work! Close enough to walk! To a much smaller house or apartment! Better yet, quit your job and take one that you enjoy more that pays half as much! Grow your own food! De-consume! I am studying petroleum geology at the Masters level at a top university, and agree with most of what this documentary has mentioned. If we do not change our attitude and behavior towards energy use, the dire predictions in this film will come like a thief in the night. Watch the film and see what you can do to change. Myself, my wife and five children are recycling almost everything, and we are down to a bag of garbage a week. We only drive when necessary and hardly ever fly. All of the lights in our home are energy efficient. We dry our laundry outside in the summer, and hang dry inside in the winter. Yes, it is an eyesore, but we need to pass down new habits to our children and live like we did before we had such an abundant energy supply. The message is so simple; use less energy, but in a society that is all about consumerism, can we rise to the challenge? Amazing, eye opening and scary to think that these messages have been around for almost 40 years now, and continually the warnings are being ignored. We are reaching a turning point, this film clearly drives that message home. An interesting, informative, educational and entertaining documentary. It is well put together, informative, and thought-provoking. There is a fabulous amount of unconventional energy still available for us to extract, but all this does is ultimately delay what has been forecast. It also serves as a warning that we must move quickly toward and support the development of alternative forms of energy. This should be an eye-opener to anyone who doesn’t consider the development of alternative, domestic sources of energy to be the most important goal of our lifetime. Excellent documentary. Everyone should watch this — very well made, insightful and accurate. A must-watch film! Documentary 2006 NR 97 minutes.

This is as good as or even better than similar flicks like The Oil Factor or A Crude Awakening.  Collapse starring investigative journalist Michael Ruppert is a much better look at this issue. In an avant-garde soliloquy, Ruppert details his unnerving theories about the inexorable link between energy depletion and the collapse of the economic system that supports the entire industrial world.


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