Citizen Koch

Citizen Koch explores the mounting struggle between money and American democracy, in the wake of the Supreme Court’s landmark Citizens United decision of 2010, probing the sources of money behind politics and how it bends the rules. The title of the movie refers to the link between the super-wealthy Koch brothers and the effects of the Citizens United decision. This title may be a bit misleading because it seems to imply that the subject of the doc is the Koch brothers specifically, but rather the focus is their influence on politics. This Citizen United group is an unorthodox organization controlled and funded by the Koch Brothers, as well as their Americans for Prosperity. But make no mistake, the primary motive of these two Americans is their personal and corporate profit, not widespread “American prosperity”. These men puppeteering these supposedly “grass roots” organizations are very powerful, and the influence they have come to wield over our political system is frightening. By the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, big businesses were declared to have the same rights as citizens. Our constitution that protects citizens’ rights was not written to protect businesses and give them freedom to do whatever they want. Now businesses are allowed to indirectly give unlimited funds to election campaigns. So rich men like the Koch brothers own the candidates and craft the messages.

Showing one election as an example, this documentary examines the effects of “big money” on Wisconsin’s politics. It reveals the disastrous consequences of the Koch brothers’ direct meddling in a Wisconsin election for governor, while casually breaking multiple election laws, in an effort to create a consolidated national platform (in the form of a very powerful gubernatorial office) for their favorite new toy — the “Tea Party”. So the film sheds some light on the issue of big money corrupting the political process. Specifically, the influence of outside money for the election of Scott Walker as anti-Labor governor of Wisconsin. This later resulted in a grassroots citizens’ effort to recall Walker, the governor they had unwittingly helped Big Business install. The citizens of Wisconsin were blindsided by the Koch brothers and Scott Walker. This is what happens when people do not research the candidates — you get what you vote for. Things do not go better with Koch! With the financial help of the Koch brothers, Walker won, and then he won the recall election too. His campaign outspent the competition by 8 to 1. The film includes a radio host punking Scott Walker by posing as David Koch, with an actual conversation between Walker and the fake Koch, and that conversation is damning to Walker.

Also in many other states, big corporations like the ones owned by the Koch brothers finance efforts to mislead and lie to the American people in order for the corporatocracy to get its way at the expense of the middle and lower classes. I hate to see big corporations run this country by fixing elections. America is on a treacherous course with corporate power becoming the directing force behind the government. American oligarchs and international corporatists obviously don’t give a damn about most American citizens, but offer them hollow rallying-cries and flag-waving instead. Historically masses of people have been susceptible to propaganda propagated by a few to conceal their motives from the masses. This documentary pulls the curtain back on the phony populism bought and paid for by billionaires and trumpeted by right-wing pundits. Americans need to see through the smokescreen before it’s too late. Big money must be removed from politics! This documentary explores how we allow ourselves to be exploited if we don’t think & act rationally about our freedom & future. The average person seems completely unaware of what has taken place in our political system. The US has been slowly taken over by large corporations since Regan was elected in 1980, but people have just now started to notice. What amazes me is that so many people cannot see reality, and can be steered into acting to their own disadvantage. Even worse, the vast majority of mankind are willing to let things around them happen without any thought as to what it means, and only wake up to injustice when it is upon them. Sheep to the slaughter. Everyone should watch and learn about what is really going on and stop turning a blind eye on how corrupt government really is. Voters beware! Vote against the money and the intense negative ads which present lies and distortions to achieve the Koch brothers’ agenda.

The Republican Party is no longer the party of your grandfather, and it hasn’t been for years. Almost without voters’ knowledge, wealthy businessmen like the Koch brothers have assumed control of the Republican Party. The candidates they have installed in governors’ mansions, halls of “justice”, and even the White House, have betrayed traditional middle-class Republican values in just about every possible way. In this movie, several “lifelong Republicans” voted for Walker in Wisconsin, but then complained when he did Republican anti-labor things after he got into office. Their grassroots effort to recall Scott Walker was steamrolled by special interest money, much of which came from out of state. The dismay and disappointment of a number of these hard-working, lifelong Republican voters of Wisconsin brought tears to my eyes. This movie should be a must-see for everyone living in a state with a Republican governor. In Florida, when Republican Rick Scott became  governor, he proceeded to pursue law changes similar to the Wisconsin governor in this movie. The Tea Party fascists are trying to take over the country, by hoodwinking well-meaning conservatives. It is another of many examples of how the very rich, the Republican party, Fox News and even the Republicans appointees on the supreme court, have again betrayed Americans and America as a whole for their own greedy interests. Listening to some of the rhetoric in their meetings made me wonder if listening to Hitler in a German coffee shop in the ‘thirties might have been similar.

Hopefully, you will see what some of these super-wealthy people are doing to our country, and how their influence has become such a major destructive force. Our country is being maneuvered into a position where it will become harder and harder for the public to exercise any restraint over entrenched business interests. Big business is determined to buy this country. Don’t sell your rights for a promise that corporations will reward you later! The right to choose and to be heard is why you have to vote. We the People must send corporate interests a stern message that no matter how much money they throw into elections, they can’t buy our system. This is the main reason why America has become the mess it is now. The USA has a great potential for change, it’s just so very slow to do so.

I suspect that there will be many one star reviews of this film – reviews from Tea party and GOP pawns who actively go to sites like Netflix and write negative reviews on everything that dares to bring to light just how corrupt, racist, and ethnocentric the Tea Party and GOP really are. They have been recorded on camera many times proudly proclaiming that they write negative reviews on Amazon and movie sites to try and negate the argument that the Tea Party is not for average Americans, but clearly just a tool of the rich. (Also known as or a.k.a. Koch Brothers and friends, a.k.a. Citizens for Prosperity, a.k.a. the 1%). Any conservative wanting to dismiss this film as some biased piece of left wing propaganda is in for the sad realization that there is only one side to the issue of democracy — equal participation.

Now we need to see another film about how corrupt the Democrats are in their efforts to win the game for their team. The truth is, neither party is actually for the people anymore. They are either for big business, or for some of the people….not for all. The reality is that there are multitudes of opulently wealthy people who fund both parties. I sure hope that our country quickly realizes what is going on in both parties (though the Republicans are much worse). Both political parties need to be reformed by getting rid of the corporate funding in our elections. Period. The fact that PBS was too scared to air this because of the power wielded by Koch and his billionaires boys club should make you want to watch this. As a former Republican voter, I exhort you to see this documentary.

This is a great documentary, especially if you are concerned about the political influences of big money. This film is necessary viewing for anyone concerned about how the richest 1% are influencing American politics. “Citizen Koch” is a powerfully important film! Knowledge is power. This documentary should be seen by all. This is a must-see film that no American should miss. If you vote, watch this documentary — but especially if you vote Republican, watch this documentary. If you live in America and want to know where all the frenzied, hate-filled, divisive rhetoric is coming from, watch this documentary. If you only see one documentary in your life, watch this documentary. Documentary 2013 NR 1hr25m.

Vote Against Big Money Election Campaigns

Perhaps any time big money is spent on one side in an election campaign, it should be a clear sign to realize that we should vote against those big-money special interest backers.

[For example in the 2014 midterm elections in Hawaii, Maui County voted on a referendum to temporarily halt the growing of GMO (genetically modified) seed crops by Monsanto and Dow AgroSciences (Mycogen Seeds) until proven safe to human health. (Over 80 chemicals are sprayed on GMO fields, Monsanto and Dow are chemical companies not food producers, and more than 60 nations have restrictions or bans on GMOs). The grassroots proponents of the measure were able to raise just under 90 thousand dollars for ads. Monsanto and Dow spent almost eight million, or outspent the citizens nearly 100 to 1, in trying to defeat the measure, much of it spent for distortions and lies, misinformation and fear-mongering. As one grassroots campaign sign stated, “You Don’t Need To Spent $8,000,000 To Tell The Truth.” But as usual the Big Money campaign almost worked, by confusing and misleading enough of the 44,000 voters that the referendum barely passed, 50% for halting GMO to 48% against.]


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