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‘Tomorrow’ (Demain), Review

What a difference it makes for the year. Toward the end of 2015, a new docket for Mélanie Laurent and Cyril Dion, a wonderful one about the complex, cohesive, and potential problems facing our global world was opened in France.

Educational research, which touches the continent into a spectacular one, garnered more than a million accolades, won the César of Best Documentary 2016, and became a focal point for citizen engagement committed to putting all practical, inspiring, and global thinking together.

About 16 months – and the most divisive and controversial U.S. election – later, opens in the United States, just two days before France itself voted, running for president who was one of the world’s leaders called and congratulated Donald Trump on US victory. Now that its challenges, though extremely urgent, can be seen as a priority.

The film, sponsored by Laurent and Dion in conjunction with scientific research in the journal Nature, states that at present levels of population growth, resource use, and environmental degradation, humanity may be on the verge of extinction by the end of this century. But to bind even though that thought is certain, the year 2100 is considered a luxury if you doubt that we will arrive at the end of next week.

Initially, “Tomorrow” does little to dispel allegations that it will have a positive but negative effect. Recently renamed as American audience, Laurent’s beloved English tells us that he and his cell-phone friends were shown engaging in French conversations in romantic restaurants, “they were not activists or vulgar scandals, but … we saw fit to do something.” – Their new abbey Road on the beaches, airport concerts, and moor boggy while the twee of pop life plays the soundtrack. It’s all a bit “How to Save the World and Be Instagram-Ready While Doing It.”

Whale Rider, review

Written and directed by Niki Caro, inspired by a novel by Witi Ihimaera, Whale Rider has already been considered to be one of the greatest audience-grabbers in recent years and won the audience awards as the most popular film at both the Sundance and Toronto film festivals. It follows a 12-year-old Maori girl who has a dream of becoming the chief of her people.

The speciality of the movie is the way it sidesteps all of the obvious cliches of the underlying story, making it become fresh, tough, observant, and genuinely moving. Whale Rider proves that there is a deep difference between a movie for 12-year-old girls and a movie about 12-year-old girls.

Taking place in the present day in New Zealand, the movie starts with the birth of twins when the boy and the mother die and the girl, Pai (by Keisha Castle-Hughes) survives. Her father, Porourangi (by Cliff Curtis), an artist, decides to leave New Zealand, and the little girl Pai is raised with love by her grandparents Koro and Nanny Flowers.

Koro is the chief of these people. Meanwhile, Porourangi has no interest in returning home. Her grandfather fiercely opposes the idea Pai believes that she could serve as the chief. Despite his love, he causes Pai much hurt by questioning her achievements, doubting her, insisting in the face of everything she achieves.

Whale Rider describes these situations within the rhythms of daily life. This is the story of real people living in modern times, not a simplistic fable. There are moments when the little girl is lost in despair and discouragement, and when her father comes to visit her, she almost leaves with him. But, no, her people need her, even though her grandfather may not realize it.

Pai is played by Keisha Castle-Hughes, a newcomer who can make you quickly realize: This is a movie star. She glows, stands up to her grandfather in painful scenes, finds dignity, and then runs around the village like the kid she is.

Movies that teach kids about climate change (part 4)


Directed by actress Melanie Laurent, Tomorrow is an optimistic documentary about saving the planet. Laurent has traveled around the world to search for innovative ways people have devised to face climate change, economic inequality, and other issues. The film is informative and thought-provoking. It can even inspire some people to take action without any inappropriate content, and messages/themes consist of the importance of perseverance, curiosity, and innovation.

Tomorrow is worth watching but the information is delivered in a straightforward way that doesn’t always hold viewers’ gaze. Sometimes it seems too simplistic. Although the film showcases amazing, innovative ways to rethink basic practices, it doesn’t always well explain what they cost. However, it can’t be denied that Laurent’s movie is a fun jaunt into the world of possibilities.

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

This is the sequel to An Inconvenient Truth, the 2006 documentary telling about Al Gore’s campaign to raise the awareness about climate change. The sequel is less focused and more fragmented than the original, still offering updated information, reasons to be hopeful, as well as more insight into Gore himself. It is particularly worth seeing for middle school-age kids and up. But we need to confirm that sensitive viewers may be upset by the images of devastating storms and displaced people, and the discussions of the wounded and dead as well as warnings of more possible devastation to come.

Cool It

Cool It is a documentary that is touted as a kind of anti-An Inconvenient Truth, despite the fact that both films acknowledge the threat of climate crisis and global warming and both try to find solutions. The movie features some strong imagery such as scenes of destruction or dying polar bears.

This documentary follows Lomborg, defending his positions, and outlining some of his ideas. In general, this film debunks the scare tactics that was used by An Inconvenient Truth and leaves off with the hopeful notion that the crisis can be solved.

Award winner for the prize “Shared Earth Foundation in Advocacy” 2020

The film about environment topic become popular and effective to our mind. By other methods, it can boost our awareness about the role, importance, attitude as well protection action our environment. According to this trend, there are many prizes for films with the environment topic publicized and praised annually to emphasize meaning of the environment films.

In this article, we will discuss one reward about the environment topic, named after “Shared Earth Foundation in Advocacy” in 2020. Sure that you feel admiring about award winner of this competition.

This foundation was established in 2014 which inspired for all advocacy stories about other features, factors or challenge to the environment. As soon as foundation, it has been warmly welcome by directors and actors when their talent, value as well devotion should be recognized and highly appreciated by audience and critics.

In 2020, the winner of “Shared Earth Foundation in Advocacy” is OKAVANGO: RIVER OF DREAMS. This film is produced by directors Dereck and Beverly Joubert at Botswana in 2020. Although it only lasts 94 minutes, it brings other good value about our awareness before destroying of the nature.

The background of this film is Botswana which is one of the most special rivers in the world.

Firstly, it is great due to location. Unlike other rivers, its water flows toward the inland through Angola and Botswana. Then it disappears surprisingly in Kalahari desert.

Secondly, it is house of many animals like lions and leopards, elephants or crocodiles so on. It’s breathtaking to discover the exotic flora and fauna.

By talent of director Dereck and Beverly Joubert, they made the stunning images and visual stories about the animal world. Sometimes audiences realize several meaningful stories from animal themselves. It looks moving and highly recommended.

Top the best environmental films all the time

Nowadays, the human is facing disasters from the environment. The reason why we are polluting and destroying it seriously. Besides actions to reduce effects to the environment population, we should build up positive awareness to protect our planet. Education through films should be encouraged more and more.

In this article, we will share top the best environmental films all the time which you must-try to discover and deeply understand consequences of pollution.

7/ Chinatown & Soylent Green

Both films are ranked on the 7th position because they have familiar content. While Chinatown was launched in 1974, Soylent Green was produced in 1973. Actually both films started in the time when inspiration about films with the environment was encouraged.

Both films made deeply impressive about consequences of the environment when people felt angry about a threatened environment. They expectedly understood that our thought and action caused danger and risk for our generation.

8/ China Syndrome

It was launched in 1979. This film told story about the anti-nuclear movement in the Untied States in the meltdown at 3 Mile Island which lasted within 12 days. All senses refered at China Syndrome.

This film wakens up awareness about bad effect of nuclear. Therefore, it also contributes to protest the nuclear war in the world.

9/ Erin Brockovich

This film was deserved to watch for anyone. It referred to the many issues of the environment with a perfect performance such as the local water supply. All contents expressed movingly and truly to waken up awareness of people about pollution. Furthermore, Julia Roberts as the main actor in film made deeply impressive and reached many prizes thanks this film.

10/ WALL-E

WALL-E is the newest film about the environment you should watch. This film was a picture about a landscapes of the human with wide range of garbage as well no devoid of life. Besides it, it expressed by humorous sense so it gave a meaningful message to everyone in the world.

Top the best environmental films all the time

The films about the environment topic has become close and popular with many audiences, both the old and kids. Parents usually encourage kids to watch useful films about the environment to wake up awareness and knowledge about the life around them like water population, air population, destroyed forest or disaster about typhoon, storm or drought. It is important to educate all people to increase awareness to protect and keep the clean and clear environment.

In this article, we continue to share top the best environment films for your reference. It’s great to select any film from this ranking then assort it with your family in the weekend.

4/ Whale Rider

This film was launched in 2003 which made deeply impression about the nature and the animal kingdom. This film tell a story about a strong girl who wants to become the most outstanding girl by becoming chief of her tribe called Maori.

Among the world with traditions and customs, how she can do to make her dream to become true.

5/ FernGully: The Last Rainforest

FernGully: The Last Rainforest is a silly film for kids. Actually it is highly appreciated as the most important environment all people should watch. This film tells story about conflict in though of the young when they stand between 2 choices or resources or the fragile rain forest environment. They are confused because of the front benefits. After that, the nature can win to protect the human life.

6/ Avatar

Some people compare the value of FernGully: The Last Rainforest and Avatar although two films had different time about launching. If The Last Rainforest was produced in 1992, until 2009 Avatar was been introduced. The same inspiration from the nature as well the same idea to develop story, both films have been received positive comments from watcher.

Review about Chinatown- a film about the environment topic

The environment issue has always been a hot topic for film. Through other stories related to the environment, watcher can clearly aware of these changes of the human life when we are destroying the environment around us.

Chinatown is also a film belonging to the environment topic. However it was launched in 1974- from nearly 50 years ago. The fact that we can predict disasters from the environment from many years ago, but we refuse and take other actions to destroy survival of our lives.

The content of Chinatown

In general, Chinatown is granted as a neo-noir masterpiece of Polanski’s magnum opus. This story tells about Gittes being a sleazy private investigator. He has a funny nick name as Jake. He is hired by Evelyn Mulwray to follow her husband- Hollis Mulwray who is an excellent engineer. But the fact that, Jake only collected photos of him and his mistress then sold to the press and exchanged money.

Everything become more complicated when Evenlyn Mulwray knew this trouble and went to Jake’s office to threaten him that he would suit it to lawyer. Then he found out more serious issues. Then he still decided to investigate this case anyway.

As consequence of investigation, he was dropped in a group of deceit involving murder, incest and even municipal corruption in his city. All deceit related to the pure water supply in the city. This film considered as a newo-noir detective story around the environment issues. Besides Jake as the main actor, you could hear some stories about Mulwray’s business, father-in-law Noah Cross or an unscrupulously old man.

Sure that this film could wake up many watchers about awareness and selfishness when polluting the environment.

Good screenplay

This screenplay was highly appreciated by some reporters and writers. This content was from the mind of Robert Towne- screenwriter. He was from Southern California, so the inspiration of this film was authentic and close with our lives.

Soylent Green- an environment film review

Unfortunately, pollution, global warming, climate change, deforestation or any other environmental topics are hot stories of our day to day discussions. Seemingly that the human aware of risk and danger from the environment when we treat it badly.

To give meaningful message, many films about the environment achieve success and reaction to watchers. This article will review about one of the most famous film in the environment topic in 90s- Soylent Green.


In general, Soylent Green was one of the first films to refer the environmental issue directly. It also belongs kind of solid science-fiction movie. The stories in film takes place in 2022 where almost natural food like fruits, vegetables and meats are extinct. The main reasons cause this terrible status include overpopulation and pollution and effect from the heavy industrialization of the 20th century.

New York in the year 2022 has over unbelievable 80 million while about 40 million are starving and poverty who live in the streets. The only way can help the poor to survive is using “Soylent Green”. It is a high-protein foodstuff from plankton cultivated in the underwater.

Unluckily, the president of the Soylent Company was murdered while their company did business well. One police named Thorn Charlton Heston made research and investigated the reason of the murder. Then he found out terrible secrets about the world’s biggest conspiracy involving Soylent- the mysterious food for all people. The detective story of Thorn brought thrilling feeling for watcher. In the final message is environmental awareness. This phenomenon is not illusion imagination. The author takes inspiration from real experience in the future which is predicted by scientist. Therefore it looks a strong ring for anyone about awareness for protection the environment.

From feedbacks of critics and audience, Soylent looks good to watch with many impressive scenes and good acting from professional actors

Review about “Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest’

Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest is one of the best films about the environment topics you should spend time on watching it with your kids.

It was produced by 20th Century Fox in 1992 with nostalgic power. Almost stories related to fairies and man when the fairies lived in the Ferngully forest. They considered that humans were long gone. Crysta was a fairy princess in this forest. She was being taught in the power of magic by the older Magi. She had ever saved his life by shrinking him to smaller size so that a runaway logging machine couldn’t cut him. But finally, she couldn’t bring his size back as normal shape so Zak accepted to keep this size to shape as now so that he could deeply understand about life among the forest creatures.

But one day, Crysta fairy princess saw smoking around the forest then they knew that humans were still alive. Hexxus is a spirit of chaos to make bulked and polluted. Magi Lune played an important role as Crysta’s magic teacher then he was escaped by the human when they cut down the tree.

Whereas Zak shank by Crysta treated as a liar. It was Zak with Bat- a bat which escaped from a biology lab to prevent the leveler Hexxus’ power supply by turning off it. But it was unluckily that Hexxus power was so terrible to overcome preventions from Zak. While all fairies in Ferngully forest were confusing and scared that their home was once on the verge of destruction because of Hexxus- the evil spirit, Crysta used the power of creation in seeds to solve strong power’s Hexxua.

If your kid prefers to mythical and magical concept, this film is followed up this style. The animation of fairies looks beautiful and lovely. So this film has been deserved one of the best films about the environment topic for kids.

WALL-E A kid’s movie with a green theme

The environment topic is always a hot theme for inspiration in films. All people kindly understand that our lives and our generation lives are threaten by disasters from mother of the nature. It is not simple when we have to face big bang disasters annually like: typhoon, tsunami, volcano or earthquake. Therefore, education for kids about the important role of the environment is necessary.

One of the films you should introduce for your kids is WALL-E which is a hot film with a green theme. It’s wonderful when your family watch it together. This article will review about this film as the followings.

WALL-E has been launched since 2008 but the theme tell story about the Earth will take place 700 years in the future when our world has been transformed a trash-covered ghost town. WALL-E is a robot who seems the last sentient in the planet because all the humans have to hide to gigantic space ships to protect their lives. One day, robot EVE is shipped to the Earth by one of ships. Then WALL-E and EVE fall in love. By power of love, he follows her to this space and convince the humans to come back the Earth. Whether their adventure is successful? Whether the humans will return to the Earth which real homes of them. In the end of film, you can find your question.

As a green theme for kids, WALL-E has been built characters lovely besides main actors like: a stage magician is near his obstreperous rabbit or Pixar antics in old school. Especially, the adventure of WALL-E and EVE via the space brings a precious cargo. It points out that the Earth can’t be as doomed as it appeared firstly. Sure that your kids as well members in your family will go with attraction of WALL-E.