Birdmen is a documentary that begins by summarizing pre-Wright Brothers human flight, spotlighting the brave souls who risked life and limb to fly before the advent of planes.  The film then features spectacular footage showcasing today’s pioneers of wingsuit flying, whose ultimate thrill is to fly like birds. The history of this new type of flying is fascinating. I had never heard of wingsuit base jumping before seeing this movie. I would never have the courage to try it, but watching their experiences through the helmet cams made me feel free as a bird in my nice, safe, and very grounded living room. 🙂 These daring base jumpers and parachutists are thrilling and inspiring to watch! The people who participate in this sport are truly amazing. How can you not be impressed by watching a human being in a wingsuit fly at nearly 100 miles an hour over the face of the earth? From a distance, a wingsuit birdman zipping across the sky looks like that speeding bullet Superman! This documentary is worth watching just to see what humanity has made possible through dreams, hard work, and risk of death. So inspiring! Have to love people that do the unthinkable. Those who test the limits inspire me to push myself to do more daring stuff — but not that daring — yet! What a great documentary. Amazing. It made my jaw drop. I love this. Daring and risk make this a must-see. The ending was literally a “cliffhanger” for the sport. (Wingsuit or WS flying is different from hang-gliding or HG. I flew hang gliders for 17 years and have been as high as 18,000 feet, gaining as much as 10,000 or more in altitude from my takeoff point. Now that is true flying. Their wingsuit glide ratio is 2 to 1, but a modern hang glider has better than a 20 to 1 glide ratio. Normal everyday recreational hang glider pilots fly local mountain updrafts for hours on end, and some fly hundreds of miles regularly during a flight. The world record for motorless flight in a 65 pound hang glider wing is currently 475 miles. In comparison these wingsuit guys are just falling gracefully, although very spectacularly and very fast.) Documentary 2012 NR 52m.


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