Bad Reviews for Great Documentaries

(With many five-star and many one-star reviews for the same documentary.)

Reading 1 and 2 star reviews for great movies is troubling.

Too bad so many anonymous reviewers on Netflix trash a good film because they don’t want you to watch it.

Believe the movie!  And believe in your opinion when you think a movie is great.  Do not believe reviewers who say a movie is biased, because sometimes the reviewers who say that are the ones who are biased.

Many one star reviews are from Tea party and GOP pawns who actively go to sites like Netflix and write negative reviews on EVERYTHING that dares to bring to light just how corrupt, racist, and ethnocentric the Tea Party and GOP really are. They have been recorded on camera many times proudly proclaiming that they write negative reviews on Amazon and movie sites to try and negate the argument that the Tea Party is not for Americans, but clearly just a tool of the rich. (aka Koch Brothers and friends, aka Citizens for prosperity, aka the richest 1%)

Too many of the negative reviews smack of Tea Party guerilla tactics, which can be seen in action in this following film clip:

The plethora of negative reviews on exhibition here are collectively a backhanded endorsement of the documentary. Though many would-be viewers may be deterred from watching by the negative reviews, they shouldn’t be.


In many cases negative biased reviews are probably are paid for by industry, at least indirectly.   I’ve read a couple articles explaining that industries like nuclear, natural gas, etc. pay people to write negative comments on unfavorable movies or books that come out against the industry. You will notice the similar wording, such as: “This movie is alarmist propaganda — the other options are way worse.”  It happened with Gaslandand other  good movies.

It’s a bit obvious why some excellent documentaries have 2 stars average rating, given their subject matter.

You may not be aware of the fact that companies hire groups to put 1 and 2 star reviews on Netflix as a way to deter people from watching a film.   But then again corporations spend a lot of money to do other things like that to compete with competitors on a daily basis, so it shouldn’t be surprising.

The majority of these negative reviews a likely written by employees of the industrial complex.

(A new study from Harvard Business School that shows 16% of all Yelp Restaurant Reviews in the Metropolitan Boston area are fake – and tend to be more extreme (love or hate) in nature than middle of the road. What other sorts of reviews are bought and paid for?)

(Samsung has apparently just been fined $340,000 dollars for paying people to trash their competitor, HTC, in online forums. Being paid for bad reviews is nothing new however. It happens in all aspects of business and all products. Blogging or commenting on blogs for pay has become part of the online marketing strategy, as more and more consumers turn to the internet for reviews.)


A REVIEW of a movie is supposed to be an UNBIASED look at the work itself, NOT YOUR PERSONAL OPINION.  Please understand the difference or don’t bother writing.  Example?  If you hate Hitler and watched a great documentary about him, would you give it one star because of your dislike of the topic?  Seriously?  You skew the results entirely when you write a review based on your knee-jerk reaction to the topic itself. In short: learn the difference between a REVIEW and your OPINION.


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