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The four best climate-change films in Hollywood

Hollywood is well-known with series of action or romantic films whereas it is usually frosty to the environmental movies. But the fact that Hollywood has some outstanding films about the environment topic. They made strongly impression and affection to audiences. Here is the top four climate-change films in Hollywood.

Rank first: Snow-piercer

Scene of the Snow-piercer is a small society of 21st century with multicultural and multimedia but it only has 1% in charge of the engine. When the climate is changed by engineering destroying, the Earth is pushed into a new ice age where few people can survive by a huge train that perpetually circumnavigating the globe.

These discrepancies, argument or conflict among people go round in circles without any solutions. This endings seems familiar to our situation nowadays.

Rank second: The Day After Tomorrow

It’s nominated by director Roland Emmerich. This film was a greatly clear statement about the environment in Hollywood. He wanted to wake up awareness and consciousness about the eco system. Although the content seemed strict and serious, it expressed by the humor style. A few people could scare about the sight of southern American climate refugees along Mexico’s border. Some people feed lack of faith on the climate change in the globe.

Rank third: Hell

This film was also produced by Roland Emmerich. Leaving Hell in Germany in 2011, there was a strange look about the Earth. It includes in rising 10 degree daytime, vampires round vacations or some society’s remnants wander. This film opened a post-apocalyptic playbook where the human had to go the Hell as consequence. A little amazing and thrilling when you saw scenes in hell.

Rank forth: Beasts of the Southern Wild

This film told a story about six-year-old hush puppy with other southern magical-realist fables. A little imagination about ecologic and premonitions of prehistoric, this film reminded us climate change as real blockbuster event of the human survival.

Top 3 the best film about environment issue in 2019

Films have the power both as political tools and as cultural influence. So there are many films about environment topic released so that human people want to wake up people awareness about role of environment.

Here is top the best film about environment in 2019. Top films are the latest and nearest in our mindset about our survival.

1/ City without Water

Directed by: Dorothe Dörholt, Antje Christ

Purpose: “City without Water” is a true portrait of an arid landscape as well a rallying cry for change and a wake-up call to all nations in the world. Anytime they have to face the similar fate as nation in film.

Main concept: The situation in Cape Town is terrible. Because the rainfall rate is below average, the Government have imposing strict policies on water usage. The crisis impacts on many factors: pricing of water bills has been risen, the increased unemployment, economy issue so on. Throughout the film, the director want to focus on the daily lives of destitute citizens who face up to the shortage of water.

2/ Thailand: Holiday Paradise in Danger

Directed by: Johannes Höflich, Jo Angerer

Purpose: It seems a wake-up call to local people and visitors in traveling to Paradise that corroding ecosystem have gradually reached its breaking point.

Main concept: By natural beauty, Thailand attract many tourist annually with spectacular island views or the myriad of sun-drenched beaches. However, it causes danger for the environment where tourist visit as throwing garbage out of the waters or sandy beaches. When ecosystem is dwindling, it endangers to quality of life for humans and wildlife.

3/ The Diesel Disaster

Main concept: The Diesel Disaster inquires harm of emissions and explain what it means for the future of “green” automobiles. By combination environmental scientists and medical professionals, the filmmakers makes debate about impacting of diesel disaster on the health.









AVATAR- A film about the environment, you should try

Avatar was released in 2009 by James Cameron. It is one of the best films related to the environment problem. Some people concluded that Avatar is a beautiful state for deep connection between the human and the natural world.





Estimated that James Cameron invested $237 million and almost spent a decade to make a blockbuster movie for environmental protection and respect about indigenous lands. It is a truly remarkable effort to wake up the human’ thought and action about the environment issues. It is the most expensive environmental film in human history. Then it reaches wildly successful and respect.

The content of Avatar focused on the story of paraplegic ex-marine, named Jake Sully. He was responsibility to op-operate with a scientific team to help mediate peace between the local and the humans. Jake had to arrange his new Avatar. Over time, Jake improved a strong connection between the natives and the human. He also immersed the intricacies of the planet and set confusing about his place and Na’vi societies.

Simple speaking, Na’vi societies was a combination of pantheism and theism. The major theme throughout the movie was value of cherishing happy life. Although they were humanoid with blue-skinned and cat feature, they still wished that they were treated as the human. Actually, this character seemed as unusual and weird.  It really was normal wishes which all people in the world had the right to think and get it. They deserved for nice things.

As a good consequence, it could earn about $3 billion from total revenue all over the world. It is considered as the highest-grossing movie of in human history. As the importance of the film, the meaning of Avatar can last until the next 50 years with cultural role in the era of climate change.

Films and saving the environment

Movies about environment problems are always meaningful. It helps us understand what it means to live on the earth and how the way contributes to protect our ecologically sustainable planet.

Practical meaning of film is waking up human’s thought and action about society problem. As we remind many times about environment problems, it is serious and directly affect to our life and our generation life

Topics about the environment has become more and more popular and hot trending because the human are aware of the role of environment in development. Nowadays climate change causes a lot of damages and loss for all countries in the world, both developed and developing country. Disaster is not excluded any nations. So saving the environment are responsible for cross-nations.

As consequences, social media including films, music or newspaper are taken opportunity to share knowledge about the environment.

Via content of films, it can supply people information to track the quality of the air and water around, tips to reduce recycles or benefits of growing more trees. Not like strict teaching, this meaning gives indirectly by conversation and thought of actors. It’s simple and persuadable.

On the other hand, technology has given us thought and action about the environment which is a shared resource. Films has become an important tool for us to access to influencing or disallowing environmental decisions. It also creates a general way to connect people and the local environment closer and closer.

We can check list of films about the environment protection which should be watched soonest such as: Chinatown (1974), Princess Mononoke (1997), Soylent Green (1973) or the latest Avatar (2009).


Besides benefits about entertainment, advice or teaching about any field, films brings emotion and awareness about the environment. Actually, it’s familiar to us daily. But by unintentional ways, we are distributing destroying our lives.

Having an advice for us that enjoy more films about the environment so that you can understand detail about problems and issues happening. It’s hot trend for the young who always care about the new generation.

The best 4 films about environment problems

Practical meaning of film is waking up human’s thought and action about society problem. As we remind many times about environment problems, it is serious and directly affect to our life and our generation life. So, watching films about environmental topic helps you to clearly understand about threats and accidents we can face in the future. Let it watch and change though about the environment immediately

Prophecy was released in 1979

It is a horror movie about prophecies of scientists. Frankenstein’s monster appeared, the fallout of our nuclear weapons until deep diving directly into the environment. You have to wake up from mistakes to save the world

It is highly recommended for the environment topic of film

Avatar was shown in 2009

Starting from unoriginal premise, then it used violence as the way for problem-solving until speeches and battles for death. It is remarkable effort of human to protect history and lives.

It is considers as a bloated, sentimental blockbuster film

The Last Rainforest was seen in 1992

It is an animation with many deep meanings. It connects between humanity and the planet. The main rendition is Australia’s rainforests where the life was magical within the woods

It is reviewed as a treasured environmental films

I Heart Huckabees was invented in 2004

It is a strange film about two existential detectives and their work. The outstanding feature is all actors cared about climate change and action for environmental protection. Actually, I Heart Huckabees called as a rare non-documentary films of the past decade.

In this film, people were aware of about consequence of destroying the environment, so they were serious to protect values of conservation. Through stories, the director implied to remind solution from thoughts to actions so that we can keep and save our earth forever


Airplane! (1980) – the comedy of all time

Even the most choosy critics need to admit that Airplane! 1980 was a trend-setting, hilarious and zany comedy. With the foundational story of an airplane disaster, the film also attracted audiences with its subplots of heavy-handed films in the decades, and the participations of big stars. Until now, there is still no other movie to be compared with this disaster movie spoof, which stands out for being the most surprising comedy ever made.

This was a small surprise that the film is only rated PG for the mention of many sensational problems in the current society. For example, some outstanding features of hints in the films mentioned porno magazines, swear words, suicides, drug use, sexual deviancy, discrimination, topless women, and other bad sides of the society. Not until mid 1984 did the PG-13 ratting arrive for fairness.

The film is revolutionary for its clever of manufacturing, to insert sensational problems in jokes. As unexpected side-effect, the film destroyed the Irwin Allen-styled, a big budget disaster film genre for a long time later.

The film was inspired by at least four sources, including Flight into Danger (1956), Terror in the Sky (1971), The Crowded Sky (1960), and Zero Hour! (1957). The storyline is filled with a well-built parody, with the combination of verbal literalism, sexual double entendres, gross-out, good sense of humor, gags, deadpan and puns.

After being released in the summer of 1980, this film quickly became a big hit for its writing and directing team of Jerry Zucker, Jim Abraham, and David Zucker. It was screen written by the famous writer John Landis. By the clever skill of manufacturing, this disaster film become a good source of entertaining but still meaningful and memorable.

This was a mega hit at that time, although it took just more than a month for the filing, and cost only $3.5 million for the budget. However, surprisingly, the domestic revenue counted climbed up to $83.4 million. With the success, there was no reason for not producing the next season of the film. And it is the reason why the next part coming up as Airplain II: The Sequel (1982) by director Ken Finkleman.

“Citizen Kane”, an old masterpiece you may have not known

“Citizen Kane” is the movie that was made in 1941 by Orson Welles. It led the top 100 movies of all time in the American Film Institute. It is famous in everything, from the cast to the director, meanings, plots and background music. You should go watch it now after reading this review!

The film has been highly praised by experts, critics and moviegoers. Maybe the answer will be clear after you watch it. Welles made this movie when he started to learn making films, and it was his first movie when he was only 25. He co-worked with the imaginative director of photography Gregg Toland, who then admitted the impression of the young man who love filmmaking and has a free mind. Therefore, this is also a film of unlimited creation.

There are wonderful actors and actresses featuring in this movie, from Ray Collins, Everett Sloan, Agnes Moorehead, to Joseph Cotten. Their appearance on the movie can also play a part in the common success of the movie. According to the movie critics, “Citizen Kane” is even more than a movie. It marked a new blooming era of sounds, and made this masterpiece stand out from all others.

The construction of the film helps us understand how the lives of us go on in the memories of the others after we died. With the character Kane, we can see plenty of “us” with plenty personas, which we have to play the role in to complete the responsibility and make the life worth-living. But in the end, will we be happy? It is a big question that we must ask ourselves, when seeing Kane died alone after all he had done during his life. 

After all, it is a must-watch movie of all time. You should find “Citizen Kane” and enjoy it by yourself to know why it is admired and praised by every audience.

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)


Andrew Dufresne is imprisoned after murdering his wife and her secret lover. In the Shawshank prison, he was isolated and lonely at first, and the unpleasantness seems to be continued over and over again. However, “Hope” is something that always lies deep inside each person. Times flies and his hope gradually returns. He realizes that he can be a part of this life again, when he has a new friend “Red”, and starts to pursue his dreams. He can live with ease and feel the happiness while the body is locked but the spirit is let free.

A movie without nerve-wracking twists or any captivating plots, but still capture the attention of the public from the very first days it was released. One strong point of the movie is the good screenwriting, and another good side is the wonderful acting in roles of characters. Although there are still some bad comments about its content and scene arrangement, movie critics overall were quite generous to give compliments for it.

This movie is considered one of the best portraits of the 90s. This is not only a film about hope, it is also the film about love and faith. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman are in roles of people with contrast characteristics, but they are connected and close. A movie with 142 minutes in length will lead you through a friendship with courage, trust and love.

Based on a short story of the notable writer Stephen King, this movie is really “touching, warm and rewarding”, according to Nev Pierce from BBC. If you have not enjoyed it, why not give it a go? It would be an exceptional interesting journey with moving lessons that you can learn from.

3 horror films about environmental pollution

1. The Host (2007)


The Host is one of the highest profit horror movies in Korean history

The Host is one of the highest profit horror movies in Korean history. The film is about Hee Bong’s fight and his relatives with a hideous monster that emerged on the banks of the Han River when it took away a member of his family. The root cause of the incident is that extremely toxic chemical wastes are discharged directly in the river.

2. Contagion (2011)

Entrepreneur Beth Emhoff died suddenly of an unidentified disease in Hong Kong, but only a few days later the number of symptomatic people like her began to grow very quickly and spread throughout the world. The US Centers for Disease Control took action and began studying the vaccine against the mystery of the true origin of the disease.

Contagion has brought in huge revenue of USD 135 million compared to the cost of USD 60 million, the film also brings together a big star group including: Matt Damon, Jude Law, Kate Winslet … under the guidance of the talented director who won Oscar – Steven Soderbergh. The MEV-1 virus in the film, although only a fictitious product, is very similar to the SARS virus. The film itself is highly valued for building true panic and fear as the world once faced the SARS outbreak
3. Deranged (2012)

Deranged also focuses on a catastrophic disaster but focuses on a parasite with the name Yeongasi or horsehair that can decompose the body by controlling the brain and destroying them gradually.

The film attracted more than 4.5 million viewers in Korea’s domestic market and received many high reviews from critics. The main content of the film is not only the race to gain survival for the parasite but also the evil conspiracy when the origin of this pandemic comes from the human race.

An Inconvenient Truth comes back with shocking truths

Recently, Paramount has combined with the leading ticketing company in the United States – Fandago held a special film screening at the Los Angeles City Theater, to promote the sequel to the film on the subject.

Natural disasters have won two Oscars – An Inconvenient Truth. The second part of the film that once made this history is officially An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power. At the event, actor Joseph Gordon Levitt hosted an interview with the film’s main character – former US Vice President Al Gore before the film took place.

When An Inconvenient Truth first debuted in 2006, the film shocked the world with its lively images and shocking figures showing the shocking truth about a series of disasters. going on globally. The film captures a powerful and inspirational, witty, funny speech by former US Vice President Al Gore, who has become co-owner of the Nobel Prize for thanks to his contributions. His contribution in the effort to bring knowledge about climate change to the community. After exactly a decade, the second In Invenvenient Truth will return to once again to make the whole humanity awaken to the fact that the nature is cruelly destroyed. Unlike the first part, this time An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power goes beyond the boundaries of the speech of the former vice president of the United States to follow in his footsteps around the world to spread the zeal of action in the war persistently build a more sustainable future for the Earth.

Exactly 10 years ago, An Inconvenient Truth was honored with a big applause from the most demanding audiences and critics of the prestigious Sundance film festival and then went on to win two gold statue awards. Best documentary film and best song in the Oscar ceremony. Besides, the film also sets a historical milestone when it grossed profit was $ 25.6 million. Although it was only limitedly released, an Inconvenient Sequel’s return: Truth To Power will bring more interesting and novel colors to the global environment panorama and promise to inspire a strong wave of inspiration in the community.