An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth is the Oscar-winning documentary that captures former Vice President Al Gore in the midst of waging a passionate campaign for the environment. Laying out the facts of global warming without getting political, Gore makes a sobering impression on the audiences who hear his message, urging them to act “boldly, quickly and wisely” … before it’s too late.
This movie definitely lays out a very direct relationship between the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in our very thin atmosphere, and the rising temperature of the planet. Gore never claims to be a scientist. He does, however, attempt to bring the issue to a level which average Joes, like myself, can understand.

The film’s basic structure is essentially Gore presenting his slide-show on climate change, or global warming, to town-hall-styled audiences. It includes an array of evidence that culminates with an alarming conclusion: human activity, particularly the burning of fossil fuels, has exacerbated the increase of greenhouse gases that are warming the earth, with consequences such as melting glaciers and rising ocean levels that are occurring today. Easy to follow accurate explanation of the increasing carbon dioxide levels and the fact that we are currently exceeding any natural occurring levels. This movie summarizes a century and a half of climate science findings. It accurately reflects the position of 97.5% of all earth scientists across every continent, in every country with a university with a science department, across language barriers, and across the globe. It presents the evidence for global warming in a clear and concise manner. The evidence presented is based on real scientific research and is accepted by virtually every scientific organization — including NASA, NOAA, USGS, WMO, The National Academy of Sciences, as well as the academies of science of every other industrial country (Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Brazil, Canada, China, Russia … etc). Not to mention the different UN panels that have studied the issue.

This documentary presents the facts in a way that is well thought-out and well prepared. It is a very compelling argument backed up by a lot of scientific data. This is a valuable primer for the global-warming discussion. You should learn everything you can about global warming, and this movie is a good starting point. The plain facts and obvious Inconvenient Truth is that this movie documents the devastating results of human negligence where our planet is concerned.

This 2006 documentary has been out for some 10 years now but is still highly relevant. The evidence and arguments presented are thought provoking and compelling. What is described is the truth. Every scientific journal I’ve read backs up these facts. The implications mentioned in the film are happening just as scientists and Gore said they would. Yet new goals and energy plans weren’t implemented. Perhaps America’s legacy will be ignorance and unshakable self-interest, not leadership — if we don’t wake up. So it’s time to listen up, way past time. Watch, listen, act. The central point of this issue, as I see it, is the capacity of people to dismiss certain things that don’t affect them personally or are otherwise “inconvenient”, because acceptance of these facts would necessitate difficult behavioral changes.

These are facts — gripping, intriguing, damning, and irrefutable facts — that need to be conveyed. The only complaint I have is not hearing from the scientists and experts directly. If you disbelieve, do your own real research (meaning: not on Facebook). If you believe, do something.

This should have sparked a revolution in our electric generation methods from oil and coal to renewable sources. However, the negative propaganda machine is so well funded that people are still confused about this issue. Who are we going to believe? Fox News or 900 randomly selected scientists that ALL have the same conclusion? It’s sad that two generations of Americans have been raised under the influence of a group of fatuous religionists, profiteering defense contractors, union busters and money hoarding oil-barons while their corporate-owned media makes them look like heroes in the process.

We, the American people and our political leaders, must take action in every way practical and possible to reduce the destruction of our planet. It is morally necessary.  Take the 10 recommendations at the end of the movie. I never really cared much about global warming before. However, after seeing this film, I’ve decided to make some minor changes in my life to lower my own CO2 output. When a movie changes the way you live your life, even a little, I’d say it’s worth seeing.

There are a lot of great reasons to see this film. The star of the show was almost elected to be the president of the United States of America. He won two Oscars for the film, and a Nobel peace prize for his work. It is a powerful presentation delivered by a skilled presenter about facts and evidence pertaining to the earth’s climate cycles and man’s impact upon them. These few reasons alone deserve five stars. Everyone with an hour to spare should see this movie. It has done more to raise public consciousness than anything that came before it. This is very watchable for the way it presents what is fast becoming one of the most important international issues of our time. I am glad I finally took the time to sit down and watch it. This movie has become part of our history. It is a “must watch”.  Everyone must see this film. No question. Make your parents watch it too. And your friends. And your kids. Really! Everyone should watch it, period. It will give you a new perspective on the subject of climate change. I learn more every time I watch this film. Watch it every year or two. Director-producer Davis Guggenheim (HBO’s “Deadwood”). Documentary 2006 PG 96 minutes.


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